Election of NHH board member from non-tenured faculty

Non-tenured faculty ('midlertidig tilsatte') at NHH elect one member to NHH's Board. The elected member sits for one year at a time, running from August 1st in the year the election takes place. Three deputy members are elected at the same time.

10.04.2008 - Knut André Karlstad

The next election will take place on May 23rd and May 24th 2007 (from May 23rd at 00:00 hours to May 24th at 14:00 hours). Non-tenured faculty who were employed at NHH as of February 1st 2007 are eligible to vote in this election, provided their position is more than 50 per cent and that their contract is of a minimum of one year's duration.

Registration for the electoral roll will be ready six weeks before the election date at the latest, and will be available for inspection for all concerned. Complaints regarding the electoral roll must be submitted to NHH's Director General.

Proposals for candidates must be submitted to Knut S. Roald, secretary of NHH's election committee ('Valgstyret'), at least three weeks in advance of the election date, and will be announced to all those eligible to vote. A complete list of proposed candidates will then be published.

You will receive the ballot paper by email, so your presence at NHH on the election dates is not required for you to take part in the voting process. You list the candidates in order of priority from the top downwards. You may list as many candidates as you wish, but you may not leave empty boxes in your list. In such cases the next candidate on the list will advance to fill the empty box. Please make sure that you only vote once for each candidate. You may not submit a blank ballot paper. In such cases the 'Vote' button will not be activated.

Kontakt: paraplyen@nhh.no
Redaktør: Astri Kamsvåg
Ansvarleg redaktør: Kristin Risvand Mo

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