Investigates Nordic Consumer Culture

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25 Nordic researchers working with consumer culture gather for a workshop at NHH Monday and Tuesday.

19.09.2014 - Ed.

The project seeks to investigate the Nordic variation of consumer culture by bringing together expert researchers from across the Nordic countries in two exploratory workshops to discuss the Nordic model of consumer culture, a domain that is under investigated in contemporary discussions of the potentials and transitions of the Nordic welfare societies.

The purpose of the workshops is to address this gap by developing collective research projects across the Nordic countries among scholars of consumer culture.

Among the organisers is NHH Professor Ingeborg A. Kleppe from The department of Strategy and Management.

The workshop at NHH Monday and Tuesday is the group's first gathering. The aim is to develop further the idea of a Nordic consumer culture at a conceptual level, and begin to sketch out specific research projects on Nordic consumer culture.

The participants will divide into working groups to develop project descriptions for potential grant applications and subsequent collective publications.

Between the two workshops, participants in the project groups will collect exploratory data as the basis for presentation to the other project groups with the purposes of assessing methodological, contextual and theoretical appropriateness of the projects.

The purpose of the second workshop to be held at University of Southern Denmark in April 2015 will be for the working groups to present progress reports and get critical feedback. from discussants.


The Nordic CCT Workshop
NHH, September 21-23, 2014

Monday September 22.
Module I

09.30-12.30: Exploring the concept of «The Nordic Model». (30 minutes presentations)

"Unpacking the Nordic" - Presentation of a strategic research program
Professor Trine Syvertsen, Dean Faculty of Humanities, University of Osl

"Regions as a means of theorizing in CCT",
Post doc Jeppe Linnet, University of Southern Denmark

"The Nordic Model - as seen from a foreigner perspective"
Professor John Schouten, University of Aalto

"Challenges in constructing a regional research agenda"
Associate Professor Diego Rinallo, Kedge Business School

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Module II

Monday 13.30 -16: Exemplar studies of Nordic CC market responses and adaptations (15.minutes presentations)

"Gender ideological tensions between Denmark and Sweden"
Professor Jacob Ostberg

"Nordic Spaces"
Assistant professor Hanne Pico Larsen

"Nordic Welfare Brand"
PhD-student Stine Bjerregaard Nielsen

"A rhythm analysis of touristic sleep in nature"
Professor Anu Valtonen

"Nordic Culture in Tokyo: My Vacation Photos"
Associate professor Per Østergaard

Reflection panel: In search for a Nordic consumer culture

Dannie Kjeldgaard
Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe
Susanna Molander
Anu Valtonen

Tuesday, September 23.

Module III

09.00 - 12.30: How to progress?

Status and plans for the joint research application
Professor Dannie Kjeldgaard

Working groups: In search for a Nordic consumer culture - from application

Group 1 - leader Per: Branding in and of the Nordic Model

Group 2 - leader Jacob: Nordic Materiality & Aesthetics

Group 3 - leader Diane: Emergent Nordic Marketplace Cultures. New Nordic Cuisine, the Consumer-citizen

Nordic teaching platforms:
Nordic Collaborative courses - e.g. Coursera (MOOC) on the Nordic Model, Associate professor NHH, Marita Kristiansen

Nordic PHD student Network
PhD student Hedon Blakaj

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