Walk the World 13 May 2007

In more than 280 locations in over 118 countries, throughout all 24 time zones, people participate in the march "Walk the World" to fight hunger. Among the participants are CEMS students from NHH.

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Ane Frigstad and Isikcan Aysev represent the CEMS students organising Walk the World in Bergen

The march is part of the Fight Hunger campaign, whose goal is to fight hunger and malnutrition among children before 2015. In 2006 more than 750 000 people from over 100 countries took part in the march. The objective of the march is to create publicity around the subject and to raise money through sponsors.

Walk the World is a cooperation between TNT and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that started 3 years ago.

CEMS takes part
This year CEMS will also be taking part in the project by organising a march in the local area of every CEMS member institution. CEMS wants to take part in a charity project that goes beyond frontiers and addresses a global problem, and Walk the World meets this vision.

Ane Frigstad and Isikcan Aysev represent a group of CEMS students from NHH that are organising a Walk the World event in Bergen this year.

"We see this as a unique opportunity to participate and to support fight against hunger across the whole world. Also, as students we can make use of good contacts from the business community in order to get sponsors. The fact that NHH students arrange this voluntarily and create publicity around the event means that we increase the good reputation of NHH. We wish to show that NHH students are busy with much more than just partying and having a good time, and that we are not the stereotypical business school students that are not interested in the world around us", says Frigstad.

The event starts at 14:00 at Vagsalmenningen in Bergen. From there we will march through the centre of Bergen and finish at Festplassen where there will be music and entertainment until approximately 17:00.

Participation fees are 50 NOK for students and children, 100 NOK for adults and 200 NOK for families. All participants will receive a T-shirt. All the income raised from the event will go to a school food project in Tanzania where WFP is engaged in the food distribution for almost 1 million children.

For more information on Fight Hunger and Walk the World visit

With best regards,
Walk the World Team, Bergen
v/ Ane Frigstad

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