The election campaign starts at NHH

For the third consecutive year NRK, the main Norwegian broadcaster, will start its election campaign from NHH. According to Knut Olsen of NRK, no broadcast in the history of NRK has ever had such strong participation by leading academics as the debates at NHH.

22.05.2007 - Kristian T. Marthinsen

Knut Olsen from the election campaign in 2006. Photo: Paul Sigve Amundsen.

NRK feels comfortable at NHH, and at the election debate in August will be, amongst other things, a duel between Terje Søviknes and Rune Gerhardsen.

In addition, the election veteran, Geir Helliesen will hold an election school, taking with him the old weather chart to illustrate how the election works.

- The party leaders debate is a high-risk sport

Also this year will be a debate between the party leaders. Jens Stoltenberg, Erna Solberg, Siv Jensen and Kristin Halvorsen will meet in order to be grilled from the producer, Olsen.

Olsen admitted in a workshop during the Nordic Media Festival that televised debates are a high risk sport for participants, but that TV debates can be counted on into the future - for example in relation to the local elections in the autumn, writes Bergens Tidene 11 May.

Gratifying for NHH
"NRK says that NHH is the best place to broadcast from and that they are very enthusiastic to be here", tells Asle Haukaas, Information Director at NHH.

According to Haukaas, the mixture of professionals and students provides an electric atmosphere. "Together they are an enthusiastic and responsive public. It is also no disadvantage that NHH students are so technically gifted that they support NRK's technicians", he says.

The academic elements in NRK's debates are normally very strong, and usually consist of several of NHH's core research and teaching fields.

"This is a concrete evidence that NHH has a strong profile as a specialised institution and provides a valuable contribution to the national debate", says Haukaas.

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