The FIBE conference on the future of education in economics

State Secretary Bjørn Haugstad of the Ministry of Education and Research will hold the keynote speech at the FIBE conference in January.

11.12.2014 - Øyvind Torvund

The conference will be held at NHH from 8 - 9 January and its topic is "In the melting pot?". This particularly refers to the situation economics education is in, with questions on the structure of the sector, the content in education and the needs of the labour market.

Surplus of economists

In his lecture, Haugstad from the Ministry of Education and Research will speak on the Government's goals and instruments for higher education in business administration.

"It was natural for us to choose this subject with regard to the huge challenges the sector faces. The Government has indicated that there may be major changes in the time ahead," says head of the FIBE conference, Petter Bjerksund.

Statistics Norway researcher Ådne Cappelen will hold the second keynote speech on development trends in the labour market. Among other things, he will deal with future demand for labour with business administration education.

"Some time ago a report was published showing that there will be a surplus of 60,000 individuals in 2025 with education in economics and administration subjects. On the second day of the conference we will pursue these issues through a panel discussion," Bjerksund says.

Important meeting ground

The FIBE conference has become the most important meeting ground for the Norwegian business administration research and higher education community. It raises topical issues and aims to strengthen and stimulate research, and to develop networks between researchers from different education and research institutions.

On both days there will be parallel sessions where researchers will have the opportunity to present and discuss research into the entire spectrum of business administration subjects.

"Overall there will be 7-8 parallel sessions where researchers will have the opportunity to present research aimed at subsequent publication in journals. The conference is particularly aimed at younger researchers. Those who envision a career in academia will gain useful experience in presenting their research," Bjerksund says.

Award presentation

Two awards will also be presented at the conference. Forlagenes Fagpris is for NOK 20,000 and will be awarded to the best research contribution at the conference from a young researcher. The award is presented by the publishers Cappelen Damm Akademisk, Fagbokforlaget and Gyldendal Akademisk.

In addition, a new award has been established commemorating Professor Odd Nordhaug. This award is also for NOK 20,000 and will be presented every two years at the FIBE conference. The award will be given to the best article published in the Beta journal in the two preceding years. Nordhaug was editor of Beta for a number of years.

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