Millions committed to spearheading research

An annual commitment of almost NOK 9 million is intended to make NHH an international leader in selected research fields. The Choice Lab and CELE research groups have been selected to become NHH's international spearhead areas.

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"One of the main goals of NHH is to become an internationally recognized research institution. To succeed with this, we need to encourage and develop the research groups with the greatest potential," says Vice Rector for Research, Helge Thorbjørnsen.

Publishing in leading journals

Spearheading research has been chosen as one of the focus areas in the current strategy period at NHH. The framework for the effort was adopted at the board meeting on Thursday.

Specifically, this means that two research groups have been selected to become international spearhead areas. These are The Choice Lab, which researches behavioural economics, and CELE, which researches labour market economics. In addition, five research groups with potential to become leading research communities have been selected.

"In the fields of behavioural economics and labour market economics, NHH is already among the clear leaders in Europe. Both The Choice Lab and CELE regularly publish in the most recognized journals. This was the most important criterion for these being chosen as our international spearhead areas," Thorbjørnsen says.

"An essential effort"

In total, almost NOK 9 million will be reserved for the spearhead project. This also includes NOK 3.5 million in support from SNF. Among other things, NHH will contribute with a postdoctoral position for each of the five research groups that have been chosen as future spearhead areas.

"Strong and prolific research groups are imperative in order for NHH to attract outstanding researchers and students. Both external funding and talents are drawn to exciting research communities. Therefore, this is an essential effort," Thorbjørnsen says.

In addition to this, five research centres have been identified as national areas of expertise. Thematically, these are areas in which NHH wants to assume a leading role, and also where NHH has a great potential to achieve international impact.

The spearhead areas

Here is the list of the spearhead areas NHH has selected.

International spearhead areas:

The Choice Lab - headed by Bertil Tungodden and Alexander Cappelen

Center for Empirical Labor Economics (CELE) - headed by Kjell G. Salvanes.

Future spearhead areas:

Corporate Finance - headed by Karin Thorburn

STOP - Center for Strategy, Organization and Performance - headed by Lasse Lien

Shipping and Logistics - headed by Stein W. Wallace

Macroeconomics and Natural Resources - Gernot Doppelhofer, Torfinn Harding, Øsytein Thøgersen og Linda Nøstbakken

Law and Economics of Market and Organizations (LEMO) - headed by Eirik Gaard Kristiansen.

National areas of expertise:

Center for Service Innovation (CSI) - headed by Tor W. Andreassen

ENE - Energy, Natural Resources and Environment - headed by Leif Sandal

Norwegian Center for Taxation (NoCet) - headed by Guttorm Schjelderup.

Industrial Organization (IO) - headed by Lars Sørgard.

Future-Oriented Corporate Solutions (FOCUS) - headed by Inger Stensaker

See more about the research groups at

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