New postdoctors and deans

Christian Langerfeld, Caroline Bonn and Thomas de Haan are new postdoctoral researchers at NHH.

05.08.2015 - Astri Kamsvåg

Postdoctoral Researchers

Christian Langerfeld started as Postdoctoral Researcher in March 2015 at the Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication. He defended his thesis at NHH in January 2015. His research interests cover corpus linguistics, legal language, legal translation, applied metaphor studies and economic discourse. Christian Langerfeld is from Germany.

Caroline Bonn joined the Department of Economics as Postdoctoral Researcher in June. She is also part of The Choice Lab. Her research interests are behavioral economics, experimental economics and distributive justice. She completed her PhD thesis on experimental finance and intuitive decision making at the University of Innsbruck in June 2014. Prior to coming to NHH she worked as a project assistant at the Department for Management, Communication & IT at the Management Center Innsbruck. Caroline Bonn is from Austria.

Thomas de Haan started as Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Economics this spring. He is also connected to The Choice Lab. Thomas de Haans's research interests are behavioral economics and experimental economics. He has his PhD from the University of Amsterdam. After its completion in 2012, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Jena until 2014 and as a lecturer at the University of Stirling until 2015. Thomas de Haan is from the Netherlands.

Christian Langerfeld, Caroline Bonn and Thomas de Haan.

The new Deans

Jan I. Haaland assumed his new position as Dean of Master Programmes at NHH in April. Per E. Manne is NHH's new Bachelor Dean. Inger Stensaker is the new Dean of NHH's Executive Education. Both started in the beginning of August. They are all appointed for a period of four years. Helge Thorbjørnsen is NHH's PhD Dean.

Jan I. Haaland, Per Erik Manne and Inger Stensaker.

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