New administrative staff

There are three new faces in NHH's administration and four people who have recently changed position.

05.08.2015 - Astri Kamsvåg

Office of Student and Academic Affairs

Agnete Hessevik is employed as Higher Executive Officer at Section for Timetabling and Exams until December 2015. She works with special arrangements, translator examinations and grade appeals for Master's degrees. She holds an MA in Administration and Organisation Theory from the University of Bergen. Agnete Hessevik replaces Mette Bjerke Olsen who is on leave for one year.

Helene Olerud is employed as Higher Executive Officer at Section for Timetabling and Exams until December 2015. Her tasks include digital examinations, administrative procedures, electronic submissions and course approval at master's degrees. She holds her MSc in Economics and Business Administration from NHH (2014), and spent six months as an intern at the Norwegian Embassy in Paris this spring.

Merete Ånes started this summer in a permanent position as Higher Executive Officer/International Relations Coordinator at Section for Student Exchanges and Internationalisation. Prior to this she worked at NHH Executive. She holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Montana.

Astrid Foldal started as Head of Student Exchanges and Internationalisation in August. She comes from a position as advisor at the same section. Astrid Foldal has a BA in history, Italian and organisational psychology from the University of Bergen as well as education from Copenhagen Business School og Università di Bologna. She replaces Inger Marie Milde who has left NHH.

Agnete Hessevik, Helene Olerud, Merete Ånes and Astrid Foldal.

Office of Financial Management and Operations

Natalia Wold is employed as Higher Executive Officer at Section for Finance and Accounting. Her responsibilities are salaries for time-based employees, accounting and updating of She is an NHH alumni (MØA) and graduated in 2014. She has previously worked with logistics at Hallvard Lerøy AS.

Office of Research Administration

Martha Lehmann-Røed, Organisational- and Leadership Developer at Section for Human Resources Management, will serve as Head of Library in a 50% position from 1 September and until a new Library Director in employed. Sissel Hafstad, NHH's existing Library Director, will be retiring.

Department of Professional and Intercultural Communication

Maja Dame took over as Administration Manager in February 2015. She came from a position at the Section for Analysis and Quality Assurance at the Office of Student and Academic Affairs at NHH. She has previously worked as Administration Manager at the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law as well as in various administrative positions at the University of Bergen. Maja Dame holds an Executive MBA from NHH and a Bachelor's Degree in Management from BI Norwegian Business School.

Publisert: 05.08.2015

Natalia Wold, Marthe Lehmann-Røad and Maja Dame.

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