Japanese-Norwegian Workshop on Public Economics

NHH is hosting the Japanese-Norwegian Workshop on Public Economics on Friday 12 June.

10.06.2015 - Ed.

International challenges for tax policy, funding of local governments and communities as well as public spending on and regulation of social security systems such as pension and health insurance are prevailing topics both for Norway and Japan. The workshop at NHH provides a meeting platform for researchers at the Norwegian Center for Taxation and a group of leading public economists from Japan in order to discuss these issues.

The Japanese delegation is headed by Toshihiro Ihori (University of Tokyo) and Jun-ichi Itaya (Hokkaido University).

In seven presentations, selected issues will be analyzed, both from a Norwegian and a Japanese perspective. Read more about the the Japanese-Norwegian workshop on Public Economics on nhh.no.

The conference starts at 9.15 am in Karl Borch Auditorium.

The Norwegian Center for Taxation

The objective of the Norwegian Center for Taxation (NoCeT) is to establish a research group that provides high-quality research and education in public finance. NoCeT is located at the Norwegian School of Economics. It is co-funded by the Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Tax Authority. The Norwegian Tax Authority also assists the center with access to high-quality data for tax research. Research at NoCeT covers all aspects of taxation and public finance.

The Center is one of NHH's national research areas of expertise (nhh.no).

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