Election of a board member from non-tenured faculty

Election of a board member from NHH's non-tenured faculty will be held on Wednesday 3 June and Thursday 4 June.

02.06.2015 - Ed.

Only persons employed at NHH at the time of the election are eligible to vote in this election. They must be employed in at least 50 % of a full time position, and have a contract of minimum one year's duration.

Electoral Roll

When to vote

The election will be open from 12 AM Wednesday 3 June until 1 PM Thursday 4 June.

How to vote

This is an electronic election. Go to eValg (https://valg.usit.no/valg/login.do) after the election has opened to cast your vote.

Choose Norwegian School of Economics as your affiliation. You log in with the same user name and password as at NHH.

The first time you log in to the election portal, you will be shown the information about you in the system, and which you will be asked to confirm. You will then be directed to the election portal, where you will see the open elections at NHH.

You may log in and change your vote several times as long as the election is open. Only the last vote will be counting.

Please contact the Election Board at valgstyret@nhh.no if you have any questions.

Presentation of the candidates

Election Regulations

Per Manne
Head of the Election Board

Kontakt: paraplyen@nhh.no
Redaktør: Astri Kamsvåg
Ansvarleg redaktør: Kristin Risvand Mo

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