Berg-Hansen acquires travel agency services

NHH has signed a deal with Berg-Hansen for the delivery of travel agency services.

19.06.2015 - Sigbjørn Råsberg

This spring NHH announced a competition for the supply of travel agency services. Until now, this NHH contract has been supplied by Via Egencia. Following a thorough evaluation a contract was recently signed with Berg-Hansen. Together with Berg-Hansen the procurer is now preparing the user profiles.

The transition date from Via Egencia to Berg-Hansen has been scheduled for 17 August.

The competition was structured in such a way that the deal will ensure that those travelling at the expense of NHH will be given an incentive to use the internet portal rather than calling up to make a booking or using other portals. The booking fee on the internet portal has therefore been removed and the evaluation placed crucial emphasis on Berg-Hansen having the best and most intuitive solution for the internet portal and app. The evaluation team unanimously agreed that Berg-Hansen's solution was the best.

It would be preferable for all travel bookings to be made via the internet portal. This would ensure:

  • - discounted prices in accordance with NHH and government agreements
  • - fast and efficient travel booking without fees
  • - an overview of where employees are, which is crucial in respect of crisis situations and emergency preparedness

The agreement has been entered into by NHH together with Bergen University College and Bergen Academy of Art and Design. User profiles will be created automatically for NHH employees and users can log in using their NHH e-mail address and password to ensure seamless bookings.

Until 17 August, bookings can be made as normal through Via Egencia. Any travel that has been booked before Berg-Hansen takes over and that will take place after 17 August will go ahead as normal.

Both the internet portal and the app are extremely intuitive but Berg-Hansen will still arrange a training course for anyone who is interested. Further information will be issued as we approach the supplier changeover date.

Redaktør: Astri Kamsvåg
Ansvarleg redaktør: Kristin Risvand Mo

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