Tracking equipment found at NHH

NHH has found illegal tracking hardware on two auditorium PCs. The equipment can track user names and passwords. "We take this very seriously, and have reported it to the police", says Director of Communications, Kristin Risvand Mo.

01.10.2015 - Ed

The tracking equipment was discovered on Wednesday, 29 September. The hardware in question is so-called keyboard trakcers, that register information from the PC's keyboard. The equipment resembles an ordinary USB stick.

"We have reported the incident to the police and have initiated a process to consider whether it is neccesary to adjust NHH's security guidelines for both buildings and digital equipment. We have also taken measures to heighten IT security", says Risvand Mo.

When the malware was found, the IT section immediately checked the computers in all auditoriums and meeting rooms at NHH. Faculty, staff and students have been requested to change their NHH- account passwords as soon as possible.

"We don't know whether sensitive information has been accessed or stolen, but we can't rule it out either. But regardless of this it is of the utmost importance that all employees and students change their passwords straight away", Risvand Mo says.

Redaktør: Astri Kamsvåg
Ansvarleg redaktør: Kristin Risvand Mo

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