Best paper award to NHH Professors

Aasmund Eilifsen, Kjell Henry Knivsflå and William F. Messier received Best Paper Award in auditing.

15.09.2015 - Ed.

The European Auditing Research Network (EARNet) 8th Symposium was held at HEC Lausanne at the University of Lausanne on 10-12 September 2015. The biennially conference attracts leading auditing researchers from Europe, North America, and beyond. In total 49 papers were accepted for presentation at the conference.

The conference's Best Paper Award was this year shared between two papers: One of them written by NHH Professors Aasmund Eilifsen and Kjell Hendry Knivsflå, and the other co-authored by Adjunct NHH Professor, William F. Messier:

- "The Role of Audit Firm Size, Non-Audit Services, and Knowledge Spillovers in Mitigating Earnings Management during Large Equity Issues" by Aasmund Eilifsen and Kjell Henry Knivsflå, both Professors at NHH (download paper)

- "Offsetting Misstatements: The Effect of Client Pressure and Auditors' Materiality Judgments" by William F. Messier, University of Nevada Las Vegas/NHH and Martin Schmidt, ESCP Europe Berlin (download paper)

Aasmund Eilifsen and William F. Messier took part as PhD faculty in the EARNet PhD Research Workshop. They, likewise Iris Stuart, NHH, and Jonas Gaudernack, PwC/NHH, also chaired sessions and were discussants at the conference.

In 2017 the EARNet Symposium will be held at KU Leuven.

NHH hosted the conference in 2011.

From the left: William F. Messier and Aasmund Eilifsen.

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