NHH's new strategy is now in place

Committed, open and ambitious students and staff will work together to reach our common goals based on high ethical standards and emphasizing quality.

12.02.2014 - Ed.

Committed, open and ambitious are the core values in NHH`s new strategy 2014 - 2017. The strategy is available at www.nhh.no today.

"As we know them, our staff and students are not lacking in commitment and high ambitions. Everyone knows that NHH can improve, and everyone wants to contribute to achieving this. This applies to research, education and dissemination alike", says Rector Frøystein Gjesdal and Deputy Rector Sunniva Whittaker.

Strategic priority areas

NHH will place particular emphasis on the four following areas:

- Internationalisation
- Quality of studies
- Special areas of expertise
- Corporate relations and partnerships

"Quality has a key place in the new strategy", says Frøystein Gjesdal in his latest blog post. Quality of studies is one of the four priority areas, and this is an area where students and staff have a shared responsibility.

In the blog post, Rector Frøystein Gjesdal encourages the students to provide input on how to improve the quality of studies. "We need to test out innovative teaching methods. The academic staff at the school have been challenged to adopt new teaching methods and many have stepped up to the plate.

It is now important that our students give us feedback, suggest improvements or bring forth completely new ideas."

Pedagogical development with emphasis on building competence in use of digital learning resources will also be prioritized in the following years.

Involving the entire organisation

The new strategy has fewer objectives than the prior strategy documents. In order to implement the objectives the various administrative offices and departments will develop plans of action in conjunction with the academic committees.

- Some of the units have come a long way in this endeavour, and we will build on the effort they have put in. Our aim is that the strategy be firmly anchored in the entire organization and we therefore wish to involve all units, says managing director Nina Skage.

- The new strategy document will be sent to all units this week.
You will also find the whole program at nhh.no

- Read Rector Frøystein Gjesdals blog post on the strategy here.

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