Stabsseminar ved Mateus og Galil

Institutt for foretaksøkonomi har stabsseminar torsdag 7. mars ved Cesario Mateus fra Universidade Portucalense/University of Aarhus og Koresh Galil ved University of Tel Aviv.

06.03.2002 - Torunn G. Saunes

Tema: Del 1: "Relationship banking and credit rationing."
Del 2: "The Quality of Corporate Credit Rating."

Tid: Torsdag 7. mars, kl. 12.15-13.45
Del 1 er ved Cesario Mateus og foregår fra klokken 12.15-13.00.
Del 2 er ved Koresh Galil og foregår fra klokken 13.00-13.45.

Sted: Karl Borchs Aud.

Abstract 1:
"The aim of this paper is to analyse capital structure choices of firms in Hungary and Portugal. We follow Booth et al (2001) who provide evidence that capital structure choices of firms in developing countries are affected by the same variables as in developed countries. Our goal is to extend these findings to the above mentioned countries in order to see whether the same variables are explaining capital structure decisions in a similar way as in the other developed and developing countries, and how good is the significance of these variables in the case of Hungary and Portugal……"

Abstract 2:
"In this paper I test the quality of S&P corporate bonds' ratings over the years 1983-1993. Using sample data of 2452 bonds from which 232 defaulted till year 2000, I show that narrowness of rating categories was not fully informative and that ratings were not consisted over industries and countries of incoporation. The results also reveal that S&P ratings as outlined in S&P methodology were not fully adjusted to business cycles."

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